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Many of today’s media and broadcast companies have vast archives on video cassette, and these old tapes are deteriorating rapidly. At Sony UK Technology Centre (UK TEC), we aim to give your archive media a new lease of life. Whether its giving your team instant access or delivering content to a global audience, we’ll help you generate revenue from your old media assets. Whatever the goal, digitisation needs to be an urgent consideration. With video tape decaying fast and the playback machines becoming obsolete you need to act now to protect your valuable assets.


Media Lifecycle Facts | Sony UK TEC


An end-to-end digital solution


At Sony, we provide an end-to-end digital archiving service. Our highly experienced team will handle the entire process for you, from transportation to digitisation, through to delivery via cloud, hard disk or optical disc storage.

Digital Archiving Process | Sony UK TEC

  • Validation - Validation of original tapes
  • Transportation - Specialist packing, storage and collection
  • Preparation - Tape preparation, cleaning and creation of meta data file
  • Playback - Line up, level check and monitoring
  • Digitisation - Creating a digital version of your content
  • Preview and Quality Control - Real time file preview and quality spot checks
  • Archiving - Archiving of the master digitised file and transfer to media of your choice, including optical storage, hard drive and the cloud
  • Asset management - Archive control and Content Distribution  
  • Monetisation Support - Our team can create ways to help you monetise your content


Why choose Sony?

As inventors of the VCR way back in 1964 there’s nobody that understands video technology better than Sony. As the pressure to digitise content before it is lost forever increases, we have extended our offer to provide digitising and archiving solutions, helping you to future-proof your content.

Sony is one of the world’s leading technology brands and has an excellent reputation for process management and customer service. We are fully accredited and have been awarded ISO 9001 for quality and ISO 14001 for environment and have won the prestigious ‘UK Factory of the Year’ award. To discuss ways to put your valuable archive to work, talk to Sony UK TEC.



Media Lifecycle Solutions | Sony UK TEC

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