Media Management

You may have already invested in great technology across your facility but are you capitalising on all that great work from your teachers and students?

The OPSIGATE Content management and Delivery System is a core platform designed to enable organizations to take full advantage of their media files and related information assets.  It offers total support for everything from content management to delivery.  OPSIGATE enables access from a wide range of viewing devices allowing content to be dispersed throughout the school community.

What are the benefits?OPSIGATE

  • Easy to use click and drag system, so no strain on your training budgets.
  • Releases staff from the issues of file size, format and download speed etc.
  • Complete control by the teachers / users of what content is uploaded and when.
  • Takes away the barriers of integration of video into the day to day life of the school through a simple interface that streams usable video content from many applications.
  • Enables content to be used when and where needed, optimising content to enable access  anytime, anywhere. Student can access content from their homes.
  • Access can also be enabled to parents and the wider community to share in key activities such as celebrations in assemblies to student productions.

For more information on what Sony OPSIGATE can do for you please contact us