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As part of our corporate social responsibility policy, Sony UK Technology Centre, Pencoed selects one organisation as our annual adopted charity that our main funding efforts are geared towards. Our Adopted Charity for 2012 is NSPCC Cymru.

We may also support local organisations with donations which are usually in the form of a modest product to help with fund raising and/or raffles. Organisations we will consider the following:

Local charities, local community organisations, and other youth groups. Charities and organisations that fall outside the scope of the committee include: Promotion of religious ideas, sexist or racist groups, political groups, private or secret societies, profit making bodies.  Applications will only be considered when submitted on the official form (linked below). When completed return by post (or electronically) to the contact details below where it will considered at the next meeting of the CSR Committee.

Please chose one of the following links for an application form.

 PDF: CSR_Application_Form.pdf

Word: CSR_Application_Form_1.doc