Sony Media Solutions Explained

What is Sony Media Solutions?

It is unchartered waters that the access of the on-line world has thrown up for education.  Sony’s role is not to assume what is required but to be dynamic in our approach and take each Local Authority, School, Academy and College and interpret their objectives and deliver solutions that will support the principle ‘of every child matters’.  Sony are proud of their media solutions which combines innovative technologies from our professional and consumer brands to great effect. The result is an exciting range of solutions that can be tailored to support the individual needs of the learning environment in the 21st Century.


How does it work?

Sony Education Media Solutions are fully integrated set of solutions that designed to transform or enhance your existing environment. Each solution is scalable so you can start off with one or two components to satisfy your immediate needs and grow the solutions overtime.  Each of the solutions can be tailored to ensure that you get the right solution that works for you. For more details please view each of the solutions.

How can media benefit education?                                  
  • Captures student energy for technology
  • engages students and teachers
  • encourages an active instead of passive role
  • shares best practice
  • enhances the learning experience
  • use media as a learning tool
Sony Media Solutions can help you by:
  • widening access to learning
  • sharing best practive
  • hearing the voice of the student
  • communicating and share success
  • safeguarding students
  • increasing student employability








For more details please view each of the Sony Media Solutions