Sony's Role

Depending on what stage you are at in your ITC development, Sony will endeavour to understand your requirements and work together in co-creating solutions that are going to support your needs.  Sony Will:


  •  Work with the client and their wider community such as students & parents as collaborative partners.

  • Develop in conjunction with the client a set of Media Solutions delivers objectives and enhances the learning environment.

Solution Architech

  • Design a system that compliments teaching and engages students in learning.

  • Design a system that is built around people and easy to use.  No one needs to be an expert to use any of the solutions.

Project Management

  • Manage all aspects of procurement, factory configuration, installation, training.

  • We only employ highly experienced individuals as part of the project management team.

Training & Support

  •  Work with clients to develop a training programme that ensures all staff are up to the required standard.

  • Provide access to a fully equipped demonstration classroom facility at Pencoed for clients to take the opporuntiy to use the solutions prior to installation.

After Sales Support

  • Up to 3 years Sony Prime Support warranty on equipment with a range of service level agreements avaliable, giving you peace of mind.