TV Studio / Student TV

Engage students and harness creativity and innovation in a digital age where media is a leading professional career choice for many

AV Main HallCelebrate school life with Student TV.  Students can weave filming into the working day and capture the true character of the school both in and out of the classroom.  It can be used to record sporting, educational and cultural events or activities for presentation to a group or online.  Student TV also enables students to record and view their contribution to the school, which can then be shared with school stakeholders.  The student TV package provides the school with professional broadcast and production quality equipment that be used by media studies or newly created student television team.


  • It puts power of video in students hand and helps them to develop employable media skills using professional standard equipment.
  • Create your very own school TV Studio, broadcasting key events that have been planned, shot and edited by a student team.
  • Extend learning by offering video as part of everyday curriculum, allowing students to share their understanding through a visual format.
  • Share the ethos and vision of the school through the students’ eyes, showcasing their professionally created content of events such as sports matches, school productions and special events to the school and local community.
  • Provide a forum of gathering student voice and giving them and active role in the management and leadership of their school.