26 February 2019

Three reasons why an apprenticeship could be the way forward in 2019

To further their professional career, young people are often faced with the difficult decision of whether to pursue a purely academic path, such as university, or instead choose to blend experience and knowledge through an apprenticeship scheme.

It is a difficult question that all young people face after they complete their GCSE’s and A-levels, which could prove to be immensely stressful.

Firstly, congratulate yourself on narrowing down your career path of engineering!

It is a competitive discipline that will provide you with highly sought-after skills, almost guaranteeing you a job regardless of whether you go down the university or apprenticeship route.

While some disciplines require university degrees, the field of manufacturing is perfectly suited to both apprentices and graduates.

At Sony UK Technology Centre (Sony UK TEC) we strive to attract applicants with a passion for technology and innovation, which is equal to our own. As such our newly launched apprenticeship recruitment drive is aiming to find budding engineers with a hunger to get to work for one of the industry’s leading manufacturers.

For those who are unsure if an apprenticeship is for them, we take a look at three reasons why an apprenticeship, such our 4 year programme, might be the way to progress their engineering career in 2019.

Hands on experience

One of the major advantages that an apprenticeship has over a university degree is the amount of hands on experience it offers to successful applicants.

You will gain the much-needed experience that employers are seeking from graduates, and gain a clear advantage over those who have not spent valuable hours on the manufacturing floor.

In a field such as engineering, you will excel through kinaesthetic learning by solving problems with hands on practice, literally.

Whether it be a role in electronic, mechanical, mech-elec, or software engineering, each specialist area will provide a physical method of learning in addition to continuing your valuable studies remotely.

No student debt!

As you work through an apprenticeship you will be paid alongside your employment and learning, with the current minimum wage rate standing at £3.70 an hour.

More importantly, you will not find yourself in debt after completing your studies. Research has also shown that apprentices earn on average a total of £100,000 more than other employees over the course of their career, according to Apprenticeship Pay Survey.

Financial freedom and not having to worry about repaying student loans is a major advantage when beginning your career. With an apprenticeship scheme paying you alongside learning fundamental skills, it could be the perfect mix.

Be part of a global brand

Being part of our Sony UK TEC apprenticeship scheme will certainly make you stand out from the engineering crowd!

As an apprentice with a global brand, others will recognise your driven and ambitious attitude alongside the industry-leading skills which you will undoubtedly develop along the way.

We will provide you with practical on the job training over the course of four years with qualification awards throughout the programme.

If you want to be part of a globally recognisable brand, and strive to learn both the practical and academic aspects of an engineering role, then apply to us at Sony UK TEC today!


Sony UK TEC has launched its latest Apprenticeship Scheme recruitment drive, with applicants having until February 28th to apply. Applicants require a minimum of 5 GCSEs, including a B or above in Maths, and Cs or above in Science and English.

To apply email pencoedvacancies@eu.sony.com and visit http://www.sonypencoed.co.uk/apprenticeship-programme-1/ for more information.

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