04 October 2019

Five common misconceptions surrounding careers in manufacturing

Mundane, dirty, male-dominated. These are just some of the myths surrounding careers in the manufacturing industry.

Sony UK Technology Centre (UK TEC) is speaking out to shed light on some of these misconceptions as it gears up to recruit its new cohort of graduates.

In a bid to encourage more talented young people into the profession, Samantha Evans, In-House Recruiter at Sony UK TEC, is challenging the most common myths surrounding manufacturing careers.

Samantha said: “Careers in manufacturing face a certain amount of unfair stigma, which people in the profession know is unjustified.

“Many people falsely believe that these roles are boring, are just for men and aren’t accessible to people without specific qualifications. This couldn’t be further from the truth.

“Here at Sony UK TEC, careers in manufacturing are multi-faceted and offer incredible opportunities to be at the forefront of cutting-edge technological innovation in a world-leading facility.

 “We hope that people will look at what we are achieving at Sony UK TEC and be inspired to dive into a fulfilling career within a fantastic industry.”

Here, Samantha challenges five common myths surrounding manufacturing careers:

1.       Shop-floor Mundanity

Often, people believe working in manufacturing means that you will be permanently based on a production line repeating the same process over and over. This isn’t the case. In Sony UK TEC you won’t be confined to the factory; you will have the opportunity to work across different projects with different team players. You will be working within a dynamic company and given the opportunity to find where in the business you feel most at home.


2.       Dirt Busters

A common misconception of manufacturing is that the factory is dirty and messy, as well as loud from the industrial machinery. However, Sony UK TEC produces world-class technical equipment which means the facility must always be clean and tidy – adhering to strict standards. The facility also boasts a clean-room, dedicated to the production of the most intricate technologies that Sony UK TEC manufactures. This rivals even hospital operating theatres with its dust prevention. Both the manufacturing processes and the environment Sony UK TEC team players operate in are modern, slick and pristine.


3.       Male Dominated

Manufacturing is not just for men. At Sony UK TEC, roles and career pathways are not limited by gender, with individuals of all genders and backgrounds working in departments across the business, including Human Resources, Professional support-based roles, and management positions. As a result, Sony UK TEC is a dynamic and progressive workplace that encourages everyone to get involved across the entire business.


The manufacturing industry has become increasingly diverse in a number of ways, including age, gender, background, and experience. It is this diversity that pushes Sony UK TEC to improve their activities through new, innovative processes.


4.       Experience vs. Education

Education and experience are often placed in opposing corners when considering recruitment, yet each poses its own benefits when applying yourself to the workplace. At Sony UK TEC, education and experience have equal merit and we will help you to develop both.

In fact, as long as you have a transferable skillset, a can-do attitude and values that reflect our own, then there is a career opportunity for you within the organisation. Never be deterred from an open vacancy because you don’t have the experience or qualifications.


5.       Promotion Prevention

Many people believe that beginning your career on the production line means you have little to no opportunity to progress within the manufacturing industry. However, this is a huge misconception. Sony UK TEC boasts its own training academy – the Sony Wales Academy – which offers employees insight into the pathways and courses open to them to aid in their progression. As such, promotion is not solely dependent on vacancies. Instead, you may put yourself forward whenever you feel that you are in the right position to take the next step in your career. Sony UK TEC cultivates progression through learning, we want to see you excel in a long and successful career.

It is for this reason that Sony UK TEC’s graduate opportunities and apprenticeships are a great way to get into the industry. From there, you will be given the opportunity to work across the facility and experience all aspects of manufacturing and develop within your career. Sony UK TEC’s Directors worked their way up from an apprentice role, so why can’t you?

We look forward to working with you.


Sony UK TEC has launched its latest Graduate Opportunity recruitment drive, closing on 3rd November. Applicants should be working towards a 2:1 within any field to apply, and there are a number of openings throughout all business areas.



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