19 October 2020

How Sony professional equipment is used in medical, film and media industries worldwide

When you think Sony UK Technology Centre, your first thought is likely to be broadcast equipment.

Whether it’s our latest 4K cameras, or the traditional Sony Broadcast and Professional Audio and Video Products – our reputation precedes us.

What you might not realise is that alongside manufacturing the latest in broadcasting technology, we also house a highly skilled on-site service centre and Refurbished division, which enables our engineers to breathe new life into older broadcast equipment.

But did you know it’s not just the media that utilises Sony professional camera equipment?

Here we take a look at how three industries benefit from the use of Sony UK TEC’s professional equipment.



One professional area which people might be surprised to learn that Sony equipment is used in, is the medical field.

Sony medical video cameras are utilised by surgeons and medical teams performing open surgical procedures and intricate microscopy procedures.

They assist teams by providing 4K and HD image quality that works efficiently with surgical microscopes, to enable medical professionals to get a detailed view while operating.

Alongside cameras, Sony monitors offer surgeons a clear view of images from medical cameras and other equipment with a 4K resolution; while our medical recorders and archiving solutions enable you to record, store and access surgical footage on the hospital network and beyond.

All this equipment is serviced right here in Pencoed by our trained repair technicians.



It is no surprise that high quality 4K and HD Sony camera equipment has been utilised in film-making worldwide.

Thanks to our large format sensors and camcorders, filmmakers have consistently turned to Sony to capture the moment. The versatility and high definition picture quality makes them a perfect choice.

Our interchangeable lens cameras offer high quality movie-making along with portability making them ideal for documentary makers or hand-held scenes.

While our camcorders provide operability and versatility with Super35 large-format sensors for professional-class shots.

Whatever you’re filming, whether it’s the latest blockbuster or a documentary, our professional range of specialist cameras are tailored to meet your needs.



The media have used Sony’s professional broadcast equipment for many years – from day to day broadcast, to covering some of the world’s leading events.

Whether it’s filming the latest episodes of Downton Abbey, or covering the latest news, our cameras have been built to cover all the action in high definition.

Thanks to the unbeatable quality of our broadcasting operation and equipment, our cameras have also consistently been chosen to capture some of the world’s biggest sporting events.

Not only have we provided equipment to Wimbledon and the Ryder Cup, but we’ve also supplied equipment to aid in the broadcasting of the two most recent football world cups. Alongside that, we’ve supported the Women’s Football World Cup 2019 and the Rugby World Cup in Japan.


If you’re involved in any of the above industries and are looking for a repair, our service centre can provide a quote for your kit whether it’s in warranty or out of warranty:



Or, to expand your broadcasting portfolio, our refurbished scheme may be the perfect solution. Browse our stock here: https://refurbished.sonypencoed.com/


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