Name: Amish Trivedi


University or college attended:
Graduated from the Gautam Buddh Technical University, India with a Distinction in Computer Science and Engineering. Following this, I gained a Merit in MBA Information Management at Bangor University, and a further Masters of Science in International Innovation (Computer Science) at Lancaster University. 


What are you key roles in Sony UK TEC? 

As part of the Management Information Systems (MIS) department, I am required to analyse the needs of users in regards to specific software, as well as making recommendations related to existing software. I am often involved in the design of software components and must determine how each will work in conjunction with one another. Ensuring that a piece of software continues to function properly is a huge part of the role, and I am required to perform routine analysis and maintenance to ensure this is the case. To enable team players to fully understand the systems on site, I create instructional materials (technical documentation, user manual, testing documentation, etc.).


How do you feel about your duties day to day? 

My day to day duties are challenging and exciting at the same time. It is because of these duties that I am able to learn and adapt new skills that are helping me to keep up in this fast-changing environment. 



Have there been any opportunities or new experiences within your role? 

There have been many new opportunities working as a Software Engineer but the most memorable of them was to lead a development project. Alongside my team, I developed an application that is used internally at Sony UK TEC that has saved £23,585 and 4,152 hours annually. The aim of this application was to automate the manual splicing process in the warehouse.    


Have you learned any new skills since starting at Sony UK TEC? 

Yes, I have learnt how to prioritise my tasks and projects on a daily basis which helps me to ensure that deadlines are met and stress is minimized. Prioritising allows me to identify the most important tasks at any moment and give those tasks more of my attention, energy, and time. It allows me to spend more time on the right things.


Are you involved in anything beyond your role? 

I am actively involved in the Sony Cricket Club (SCC). Being the co-founder and the team captain of SCC, I am responsible for arranging matches and encouraging membership among team players. The next goal for SCC is to play in South Wales Cricket league and represent Sony UK TEC. I currently play in this league with another team, but it would be a great accomplishment to see Sony there. In addition, I enjoy making travel, technology etc. videos for my YouTube channel, blogging on my website, and like photography because – “Photography captures a moment that words cannot describe.” 


How do you feel about working at Sony UK TEC? 

I feel very privileged to work in such a multicultural environment where everyone is always helpful and welcoming. My role within my team is to innovate and automate the manual processes which directly saves hundreds of hours of manual work and cost annually - this is very rewarding. Looking toward my future at Sony UK TEC, I see myself as an individual who is really driven to achieve Sony’s goals as well as my own. I am hopeful that at Sony, I will be able to take on more and be a part of new and exciting projects in the community.


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