Name: George Hedges


Age: 19


Apprenticeship Programme:  Electrical Engineer Apprentice (Year 2)


What is your education / work background?

Before working at Sony, I studied my A-levels at Gower College. Whilst gaining my qualifications at college I worked part time in a garage that specialised in Equestrian Equipment and Tractors.


How did you find the process of applying for your Apprenticeship?

Applying for the Apprenticeship Programme was easy and efficient. I was provided with all the relevant information at each stage which made the application process really straightforward.


How did you feel when you found out you had gained a place on the programme?

I felt extremely relieved and fortunate that I was able to gain a position within Sony – a company I have always wanted to work for.


What is a typical day like on the programme?

Every day brings a new challenge which keeps the role exciting. There is a continuous stream of new skills to learn and expand upon which is partly what encouraged me to apply in the first instance.


What have you gained from the programme?

Since joining the Apprenticeship Programme, I have felt in control of my career. Knowing I will eventually have the skills to fulfil a job in the Engineering field will not only allow me to get a job which I am passionate about but will also allow me to get a house of my own.


How will the programme help you with your future goals?

Joining the Apprenticeship Programme will help me start my career with Sony in a field of work that I am passionate about.


What advice would you give to someone who is thinking of applying for the programme?

If you are unsure about going to University or have realised that it is not right for you then an apprenticeship is the perfect path to choose – I certainly have not regretted it.

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