Name: Joshua Craig Thorngate

Age: 25

From: Barry


University or college attended:
Graduated from the University of South Wales with a 1st Class Honours Degree in Aircraft Maintenance Engineering.


What are you key roles in Sony UK TEC? 

I am a Mechanical Engineer in the Development Engineering department at Sony, which means I am involved in the automation processes throughout the facility. This includes machine and equipment testing and modification, project planning, basic electrical installation, and pneumatic design and assembly. Some of my day-to-day duties include: 3D CAD design, 2D Engineering drawing, mechanical assembly, parts manufacture with machine equipment and tools, as well as 3D printing and prototyping. All of this makes a difference to the production of the products Sony manufactures. 


How do you feel about your duties day to day? 

Sony UK TEC is an Incredible place to work with amazing opportunities. Every single day I get presented with a new challenge, which pushes me to adapt and increase not only my Engineering knowledge, but also my professional skills.

The place gives me pure job satisfaction, so I am extremely proud to tell people where I work and what I do, this is due to the exciting environment and the key technologies we get to work on. Not only that but the people are a real joy, with people from many different backgrounds, you’re never far from an answer you’re looking for.



Have there been any opportunities or new experiences beyond your role? 

I have been very privileged thus far, with travelling around the country to visit key engineering events. Not only that, but I have had an amazing opportunity and been to Japan to take part in Sony's Technology Exchange Fair. This enabled me to visit many different sites throughout Japan, including Sony HQ in Tokyo, and experience the new technology Sony was working on.


Have you learned any new skills since starting at Sony UK TEC? 

I've learned a variety of new skills just through my work here, including: 

  • 3D Printing
  • Ability to design and interpret technical drawings
  • Ability to use CAD software sufficiently to produce mechanical designs
  • Analytical problem-solving and decision-making skills
  • Basic and Advanced Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) Training Course
  • Basic Electrical Installation
  • Change management capabilities
  • Effective technical skills and manual dexterity skills
  • Interpersonal skills
  • Logical and methodical work ethic
  • Mechanical Assembly
  • Pneumatic Knowledge has Increased
  • Quality assurance
  • Soldering Training Course
  • Solution development capabilities
  • Team dynamic knowledge
  • Time management and strategic prioritisation
  • Verbal and written communicational skills 


Are you involved in anything beyond your role? 

I have been involved in a number of factory tours for the many visitors we invite to the site, as well as attending recruitment events with other members of the team. Working outside my role, giving factory tours, giving presentations and going to recruitment events has allowed me to break out of my comfort zone and increase my confidence. Additionally, I often take part in the Sports & Social events that are run regularly throughout the year and this membership also gives me access to the on-site gym.


How do you feel about working at Sony UK TEC? 

I would say the biggest highlight of working at Sony UK TEC would definitely be the self-satisfaction one receives after completing a project. Being a part of such a dynamic team, and knowing you worked together to generate amazing outcomes, gives one a self-actualisation like no other.

The biggest benefit that I enjoy is the fact that I have the freedom to contribute my own innovative ideas and contributions. If any member of the team has an idea that would truly benefit the company, then Sony encourages them to take that idea and turn it into something incredible. There are so many variations in technology at Sony UK TEC, therefore, there is a high likelihood that you'll generate a number of ideas early during your time here. And that's what we want to see! 

My goal in the future is to become a self-sufficient engineer within Sony, helping the company achieve incredible things, develop key technologies and shape the future. 


What advice would you give to graduates and apprentices thinking of applying?
The best advice I can give is to really show that you have a lot of passion and enthusiasm. The training programmes are in place to increase your skills and knowledge, however, you cannot be taught passion and enthusiasm. If you can show great attitude and the ability to work well with others, you’ll have the ‘right stuff’ to obtain a position here. 



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