Name: Zakk Furness-Jones


Age: 21


Apprenticeship Programme: Level 3 Mech Elec Apprentice (Year 1)


What is your education / work background?

I attended Porthcawl Comprehensive School where I achieved twelve GCSE’s (grades A-C) and three A levels (grades B-C). Following graduating from Sixth Form I worked at my local gym within the Administration team before I joined Sony as a Production Operative. I then moved to a more technical role as an Auxiliary Technician before applying for the Engineering Apprenticeship Scheme here at Sony.


How did you find the process of applying for your Apprenticeship? 

The application process, particularly the assessment day, was challenging, however it provided me with the chance to showcase my skills to the company and demonstrate those transferrable skills relevant to the Engineering department.


How did you feel when you found out you had gained a place on the programme? 

I was extremely happy to find out that I was successful in getting a place on the Apprenticeship Programme. Knowing all my hard work had finally paid off and that my career could finally start was such a rewarding feeling.


What is a typical day like on the programme? 

The fact that every day is different makes the programme really interesting. One day may be quite hands on during which I’ll take part in tasks such as carrying out maintenance on the production lines, and others will be more practical such as studying for an upcoming exam.


What have you gained from the programme? 

Even though I am only in my first year of the programme I have learned so much, not only from the Engineers working around me but also from practical learning whilst doing the job at hand. Studying at college in conjunction with taking part in the apprentice scheme has also excelled my knowledge greatly in the Engineering field.


How will the programme help you with your future goals?

A key goal for myself is to become a successful Engineer within Sony, and this programme along with the correct qualifications, will provide me with the knowledge and experience to get there. The ‘Bridge Project’ which Sony offers will also allow me to fulfil my dream of travelling the world as well as to take part in its European training courses which I understand various Engineers and Technicians on my team have completed whilst working at the company.


What advice would you give to someone who is thinking of applying for the programme?

I would definitely encourage people to apply for the programme. It is a great chance to kick start a career in Engineering and of course provides the opportunity to progress within a world-renowned, global company.

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