Electronics Manufacturing Solutions

With 40 years’ experience, a focus on learning and development, and a culture of continuous improvement, we can support your product at any stage of its journey. Every step of the way, we will be your reliable partner committed to delivering the highest level of quality results for your business.

Here is how we can help:


Introduction stage

From the initial conversation, our dedicated business development team will discuss your requirements in detail to understand how we can best support you.

At this stage we can provide expert guidance on:

  • Design for Manufacturing and Design for Test
  • Material sourcing and Product Lifecycle Management including:
    • Vendor selection support
    • Alternative component sourcing, flexibility, and inventory management
    • Competitive pricing and reduced lead times

Find out more about our Supply Chain Management solutions here

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Manufacturing Capabilities

Explore our flexible and scalable offering below

Small lot build and Prototyping

  • New Model Introduction (NMI) – During the initial stages of introducing your product at our facility, we follow a thorough NMI process to ensure we deliver the highest quality results from day one.
  • Bespoke process design and set-up
  • Bespoke test equipment design and set-up
  • Rapid tooling & 3D printing onsite
  • Compliance assurance
  • Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) Testing
  • Safety Testing, Drop & Vibration
  • Robotic and manual through-hole mount
  • PWB mounting
  • ● Solder paste printers
  • ● In-line solder paste inspection (SPI)
  • ● In-line automated optical inspection (AOI)
  • ● Flying probe testing & In-circuit testing (ICT)
  • ● Functional testing at PCBA level
  • ● Thermocycling
  • ● Conformal Coating
  • ● Potting
  • ● Hi-pot testing
  • ● Heller 12 zone reflow oven
  • ● Selective soldering
  • ● Water based flux

Board Sizes

  • ● Min 48 x 48 mm
  • ● Max 610 x 610 mm

Component Size

  • ● Min 02 x 01 mm
  • ● Max 102 x 102 mm (with special nozzles for some components)

Max Component Height –  38.1 mm

Gap Between Parts 





Component Placement Capabilities

  • ● PoP (Part on Part)
  • ● Components can be placed at all angles
  • ● BGA Pitch size we currently place is 0.28mm with capability of 0.16mm
  • ● Capability to place Through Hole Connectors (Intrusive Solder)
  • ● Capability to place Tray Parts
  • ● Capability to place Components from Stick Feeder (prototype stage only)
  • ● Laser Etch Boards for Identification
  • ● Pry and dye testing
  • ● X-ray inspection

Our 3D printers’ capabilities range from low-cost, high-volume manufacturing of prototypes, tools, jigs and fixtures to high quality, accuracy, and strength components for use with automation and robotics.

Each printer has a different specialisation, such as high detail and surface finish or high accuracy and speed, suitable to meet a variety of requirements. We work with a wide range of materials such as PLA, resin and carbon fibre. This means we can deliver various properties including high rigidity, heat deflection, impact resistance, low wear and many more.

Product Group team

  • ● Securing the link between design, production, and engineering
  • ● NMI (New Model Introduction) co-ordination
  • ● Component and product change & trials co-ordination, along with problem investigation
  • ● Dedicated customer management
  • ● Robust milestone process control

Industrial Engineering

  • ● Process design, optimization and IoT data collection points
  • ● Kaizen – continual improvement activities
  • ● Operation standards creation and operator training
  • ● DFM feedback and recommendations at design trial stage
  • ● Process FMEA (failure mode and effect analysis)

Test Engineering

  • ● In-house small batch circuit board development and manufacture for internal test processes
  • ● Ability for rapid development, debug, and online deployment

Equipment Engineering

  • ● Onsite machine shop
  • ● Design and implementation of innovative equipment to improve quality and efficiency

Manufacturing Development Engineering

  • ● Mechanical CAD (for process layout and automation design and manufacture)
  • ● 3D printing

Scale-up Manufacturing

  • Highly skilled hand-build for complex, high-end products
  • Automation of assembly and test processes to help manage production costs and demand
  • Software and System integration and configuration
  • Continuous process improvement
  • Continuous investment in training and innovation, working in collaboration with your team on long-term planning and demand management
  • Support to expand into new markets, including through introduction to our network and gaining all required accreditations to meet the requirements
  • A seamless process of introducing model variations and new products into the existing process
A photo of various manufacturing machines lined up in a row. To the right of them, a man wearing a Sony uniform is doing work.

Logistics and Distribution

  • Warehousing and inventory management
  • High levels of security
  • Worldwide distribution channels
  • Competitive distribution costs
  • Tailored logistics models to suit your requirements
  • Sustainable shipping and freight solutions to minimise negative impact on the environment
Photo of a warehouse operator

Aftersales Support

If required, our onsite service centre offers continued support for your product once it’s on the market, including:

  • Our onsite Technical Information Centre can handle support calls from your customers
  • Service and Repair capabilities under the same roof where your product is made
  • Access to market fault data and more
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How can we help?

Get in touch with us, and let’s discuss how we can collaborate

A further glimpse into our facility

A photo of a manufacturing process.

Collaborative robotics

Design for Manufacture and Test

A photo of an office environment. There are two women and one man having a conversation. Various screens showing design software are next to them. Behind them, there are three white 3-D printers.

In-house 3D design and print

A photo of an Surface Mount Technology manufacturing process. On the left-hand side is a man in a Sony uniform, working. On the right is a row of white machines.

The latest in Surface Mount Technology

A screen showing a process which is used to find quality issues. A hand is touching the screen to interact with the 3D image of a circuit board component on the display.

In-process 3D and X-ray inspection for highest quality results

A photo of a product test machine.

Bespoke process automation solutions

A close up photo of the inside of a Sony broadcast camera, showing the build process. There are two hands in the frame wearing white gloves, which are placing a circuit board inside the camera.

Box assembly of high complexity electronics

An areal photo of a warehouse, with various boxes and flight cases stored in rows.

Comprehensive Warehousing and Logistics Offering

How can we help?

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