As 2024 unfolds, Sony UK Technology Centre (UK TEC) remains committed to its mission of community engagement, building upon the successes of the previous year. In 2023, the company’s dedication to extending positive influence beyond manufacturing operations was evident through a series of impactful initiatives. Now, as they continue their journey into the new year, Sony UK TEC is poised to make an even greater difference in the local community.

Continuing Environmental Stewardship

Sony UK TEC’s dedication to environmental stewardship remains unwavering and continues to evolve in 2024.

In line with their commitment to reducing their carbon footprint, UK TEC is implementing several initiatives. They are replacing pool cars with electric vehicles, a move that aligns with their goal of transitioning towards sustainable transportation solutions. Furthermore, the company’s supply chain is actively exploring ways to consolidate shipments, thereby reducing air and logistic carbon emissions.

Moreover, Sony UK TEC has embarked on a unique venture by installing six beehives onsite, with plans for further expansion. This initiative not only contributes to biodiversity but also highlights the company’s dedication to environmental conservation and sustainable practices.

These initiatives underscore UK TEC’s holistic approach to environmental stewardship, encompassing various facets of their operations to create a more sustainable and eco-friendly future.

Following the attainment of the prestigious Green Dragon Level 5 certification in 2023, the company now aims for global recognition of its sustainability efforts.

Embracing EDI

Sony UK TEC actively fosters a culture of inclusivity and equity within its workforce by establishing a forum of dedicated team players passionate about driving change. Recognising the diverse needs of its employees, the company has implemented various initiatives to support their well-being and promote inclusivity.

One significant initiative is the creation of a quiet room tailored for team players who may experience sensory overload or have neuro-disabilities. This space provides a safe and calming environment for individuals to retreat to when needed, fostering a supportive and accommodating workplace.

In addition, UK TEC has launched a Menopause Policy, demonstrating its commitment to supporting team players and managers through this phase of life. By signing a pledge to uphold these supportive measures, the company ensures that everyone feels valued and respected, regardless of their circumstances.

To further enhance awareness and understanding the facility has prioritised DEI and mental health by rolling out comprehensive training programs. These initiatives aim to cultivate a more inclusive and supportive workplace culture where individuals feel empowered to thrive. Additionally, the company has mental health first aiders on-site who are trained to listen and provide guidance to team members seeking appropriate support.

Embracing its commitment to DEI, Sony UK TEC actively participates in events like Pride Cymru, demonstrating its solidarity with the LGBTQ+ community. Building on this participation, the company is set to sponsor and participate in the parade again this summer, reaffirming its dedication to creating an inclusive community where everyone feels welcome and valued.

Continued Support for Education and Cultural Exchange

Recognising the transformative power of education and cultural exchange, Sony UK TEC continues to prioritise these endeavours as integral components of their community engagement initiatives. Building on the foundation laid in the previous year, the company remains dedicated to hosting educational visits and workshops, providing invaluable learning experiences for both students and educators.

In 2023, the facility achieved notable milestones in educational outreach, including:

  • 1,492 pupils attending Learn 2 Code workshops
  • 281 pupils participating in Film in a Day workshops
  • 118 pupils engaging in EESW – Girls into STEM
  • 88 pupils taking part in on-site Forest Schools

Additionally, Sony UK TEC proudly sponsored the Japanese language speech contest once again this year, in collaboration with Cardiff University. The contest, first held in 2023 post-pandemic, was a resounding success, with Dr Christopher Hood, Mayu Negami-Handford, Dr Miho Inaba, Dr Emi Sakamoto, Dr Ruselle Meade, Hiroko Uno, and Noriko Whitelock hosting the event in February 2024. Demonstrating their ongoing commitment to supporting such initiatives, UK TEC played a significant role in the contest, including participation in the judging process. This year’s contest saw participation from students across different academic years, culminating in an inspiring showcase of linguistic and cultural proficiency. The winner of the contest, Nabil El Bark, delivered a compelling speech on the theme Cultural Perspectives: Comparing the dynamics of ‘Wa’ (collectivism) and individualism in Japan and the UK, exemplifying the spirit of cross-cultural understanding and collaboration fostered by Sony UK TEC’s continued involvement.

Charitable Endeavours

Charitable initiatives remain at the heart of Sony UK TEC’s community engagement efforts. From hosting annual charitable events such as football matches and golf days, the company continues to raise funds for important causes, including ongoing support for their local hospital and nominated charity, the Princess of Wales Hospital Children’s Ward. Additionally, the team actively participates in various community-driven activities, such as collecting food donations for FareShare.

This month (March 2024), UK TEC joined hands again with the Marie Curie Great Daffodil Appeal, contributing to the cause of providing care and support to those living with terminal illness and their families. This initiative underscores the company’s commitment to making a meaningful difference in the lives of individuals facing challenging circumstances.

Looking Ahead in 2024

As Sony UK Technology Centre moves forward into the remainder of 2024, the company is poised to continue its support for the community through a diverse array of initiatives. This includes ongoing support for the Welsh Blood Service through on-site donations, contributing to the vital need for blood supplies in the region. So far this year, UK TEC has already collected 53 donations, potentially saving 159 adults’ lives or 318 babies’ lives. Additionally, they introduced 8 first-time donors.

Furthermore, Sony UK TEC remains dedicated to recognising and celebrating the contributions of young people in the community by hosting the High Sheriff of Mid Glamorgan Community Awards. This event serves as a platform to honour the remarkable achievements of individuals who have made a positive impact. At this year’s award ceremony, Sony UK Technology Centre proudly introduced its inaugural Sony Experience Award, a testament to the company’s commitment to nurturing talent and providing growth opportunities. The deserving recipients of this prestigious accolade, Mia Lunn, and Joshua Jones Teague, were honoured by UK TEC’s esteemed Managing Director, Rob Wilson with a unique opportunity to gain invaluable work experience at the Pencoed manufacturing facility, a step towards realising their full potential in the fields of technology and innovation.

As Sony UK TEC continues its journey of community engagement, the company remains steadfast in its commitment to making a difference in the world around them. Through their dedication to environmental sustainability, diversity, equity & inclusion, education, and charitable endeavours, UK TEC sets a commendable example of responsible corporate citizenship for others to emulate.

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