Here at Sony UK Technology Centre, environmental initiatives are one of the most important topics at a time in which a company’s consideration of the environment is made more achievable through developing technology, and is one of the selection standards for customers when purchasing products.

Road to Zero

Road to Zero is our Sony Global environmental plan, striving to achieve a zero environmental footprint throughout the life cycle of our products and business activities by FY2050. Established in FY2010, we have been moving actively towards the goal of zero environmental footprint by setting intermediate targets along the way.


Green Management 2020 has been established as the intermediate target set for the FY2020, and we have now entered the next stage of Sony Group’s environmental activities.

Environmental Commitment

Since October 2003, the Sony UK Technology Centre has adopted an integrated management system, ensuring best practice in environmental and health & safety management is embedded throughout its entire operations and continual improvement in performance is achieved. The EHS system has been designed to ensure compliance with the Sony UK Technology Centre policy, and is intended to comply with the requirements of ISO14001:2004, ISO50001:2011 Energy Management and OHSAS18001:2007, Sony Global Environmental Management System (GEMS). EHS also ensures compliance with all relevant legislation, the goals and aspirations of corporate policies and targets that relate to the continual improvement of our environmental.

Promoting Biodiversity

Natural resources are an essential part of the Sony operations, and we are aware of the affect our activities may have on the environment in various ways. We strive to continue protecting biodiversity and wildlife through a range of conservation activities, such as our Environmental Centre. 

Controlling Hazardous Substances

In addition to regulatory compliances, we establish our own standards for chemical substance management in order to maintain strict control over their use. Careful management of materials used in everything we do, aids in the prevention of pollution, and leads to a reduced overall environmental footprint.

Conserving Resources

We make products as lightweight as possible, using the least amount of raw materials and packaging as possible whilst still maintaining a high product standard. Sony products are designed for recycling, and recycling is promoted throughout the lifecycle of all our products. In collaboration with independent recyclers, we promote recycling of end-of-life products to a form in which it can be used as a resource again.

Curbing climate change – PV System

Sony reduces greenhouse gas emissions not only in our manufacturing facilities and offices through materials, manufacturing, logistics and recycling, but also through the implementation of renewable energy sources. PV (Photovoltaic) systems were installed at our site in Pencoed in early 2016. They produce 255 kW of energy a year, contributing directly to the energy used in the manufacturing process and accelerating our journey on the Road to Zero.

Sony Pencoed PV Panels

Sony Pencoed PV panels

The output of the ground, wall and roof mounted PV installations are monitored in real time with the use of the Raspberry Pi computer manufactured at our site.


For further information about our corporate Environmental and CSR initiatives visit Sony global

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