03 November 2021

Sony UK TEC celebrate engineering excellence, coinciding with ‘This is Engineering Day’ to raise sector awareness

Today, on Wednesday 3rd November 2021, Sony UK Technology Centre (UK TEC) celebrate ‘This is Engineering Day’ as an ode to its engineering experts working at the forefront of cutting-edge innovation.

The Pencoed factory, which produces thousands of HD broadcast cameras for worldwide distribution, employs over 600 industry professionals within its world-renowned manufacturing facility, which also consists of specialist engineering teams comprising all skill levels to support the production of Sony’s industry-leading and third-party technology, including the Raspberry Pi.

‘This Engineering Day’ focuses on the belief that engineering and technology shape the world around us and plays a critical role in addressing some of the greatest global challenges of our age – and Sony consider this to be true.

UK TEC believes engineering is at the core of every fundamental aspect of our daily lives. From smartphones to cars and clothing, the common thread running throughout all these different sectors is engineering. Thanks to its inherently innovative nature, which offers endless career diversification potential, over five million of the UK’s total workforce is employed in engineering roles, with the sector generating over £1.23 trillion of the country’s total turnover. However, despite the vast numbers already employed in these fields, the industry is facing a serious skills shortfall, with up to 59,000 workers required annually.

Some of the misconceptions around pursuing a career in engineering are down to it being too mechanical, technical, or inaccessible. This is why Sony UK TEC remains committed to raising sector awareness and developing the engineers of tomorrow to combat these barriers to employment.

As part of this commitment to the sector, this year, the Pencoed-based facility announced its 4-year Higher Apprenticeship Scheme in search of the latest round of talented Electronic Engineers from across South Wales.

As a result, UK TEC recently onboarded 8 apprentices who have had the opportunity to work across the team’s extensive manufacturing operation, which includes production, software, mechanical and electrical engineering.

Alongside this, they have played an integral role in driving innovation at the Welsh factory, by working on projects focusing on developing manufacturing processes of the future and Industry 4.0.

This recruitment drive came after the award-winning facility celebrated its manufacturing output rising to over six million products in 2018, a figure driven by success across both its core production and third-party businesses.

Cecilia Fritz, Senior Manager of Human Resources and Learning & Development at UK TEC, said engineering roles were far more “enriching and rewarding” than many realise.

Fritz said: “With the UK facing a concerning shortfall in skilled engineers, Sony feel it’s time that we educated people about the far-reaching benefits of engineering careers.”

“Our manufacturing facility champions advancing the next generation of technological innovation. As such, we’ll continue driving recruitment to give engineers of all skill levels, from apprentice to expert, a chance to make an impact with a world-renowned manufacturer.”

“We believe this underlines our commitment to the continued success of the engineering profession, but also highlights just how vital these roles are to the advancement of the UK’s economic progression. As part of ‘This is Engineering Day’, we urge anyone looking to take the next step into a rewarding career, with endless opportunity for growth and career satisfaction, to apply to Sony UK TEC.”

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